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Increasing Media Literacy

Do Now/Class Work – 5/20

This past week we have been working on our magazine projects. Today we will review some key terms from the magazine chapter and dig deeper into the different jobs and … Continue reading

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task 5/8

The media industry is too fast pace.. Choose who will assume the following roles.   Head of Content – The person in this positions is responsible for leading the creation … Continue reading

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Magazine and Broadcast News recreation

Topic: Magazine and Broadcast new recreation Learning Objectives: Understand the importance of researching your demographic Review previously learned information Re create broadcast news/ New magazine Work with group to finish one … Continue reading

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Do Now: 5/2

Do Now: In groups of two research and (1) summarize the thinking of Walter Lippmann and John Dewey about the role of journalists. 2. How does social media affects news … Continue reading

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Do Now: 5/1

Today you will be learning about the structure of broadcast news. by the end of class today you should be able to identify the different elements of this type of … Continue reading

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Do Now: 4/30

Today you should be able to:  Understand who is in control of the majority of the media today  Analyze how media ownership and control affect news coverage Do now: Read … Continue reading

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Do Now: 4/26

Today we are going to be discussing controversial issues in journalism.  Do Now: In your opinion is journalism worth dying for? Students should be able to: Discuss the role and value … Continue reading

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