MECPS Mass Communication Blog Fall 2012

Increasing Media Literacy

Do Now: 4/30

Today you should be able to: 

  • Understand who is in control of the majority of the media today 
  • Analyze how media ownership and control affect news coverage

Do now:

Read info graphic in the link below and respond with:

  • 1 opinion about the information
  • 1 discussion question for the class
  • 1 research question that you will search and find the answer to

Media Journal HW Discussion 

  • Who controls these sources of news?
  • Does that control influence the choice of topics for news stories or the way stories are reported?
  • Which source of news seems to be the most independent in its coverage?


In groups of two research and summarize the thinking of Walter Lippmann and John Dewey about the role of journalists.

How does social media affects news gathering?

how do you think Lippmann and Dewey would respond to the idea of citizen journalists using mobile devices and social media?

Is crowdsourcing news a good idea? Why or why not?



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