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Increasing Media Literacy

Do Now: 4/25

Do Now: Take a minute to reflect on the questions below and create venn diagram for artist vs journalist. 1. What are the similarities and differences between an art and … Continue reading

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Digital Vs. Print Day 2

Aim:  How Can we identify the main differences between print and digital news? Which is more useful today? Do Now: Take 5 mins with your groups to finish your set … Continue reading

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Do Now 4/23

Do Now: Think of an on going issue or recent event that has affected you, your school, or local community in some way. 1. If you had to report that … Continue reading

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Do now 4/22

Aim: How can we review previously learned information? Do Now: Class discussion about citizen journalism. Look up your previously composed discussion questions from 4/19 students will be chosen randomly to Spark the … Continue reading

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Do Now 4/18

Aim:  How can we organize all the work we did this week to create an official treatment? Do Now: students will go to and see the platform that they … Continue reading

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Do Now 4/19

Submit today’s work to and make sure to organize your work how it is displayed. Don’t Forget! Permission slips due Tuesday. Do Now: Watch Video Twitter and citizen journalism. Answer The Questions Below. … Continue reading

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Field Trip to Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, April 25th. Tell Your Parents!

First 20 Students to bring in your permission slips can go. Ask your parents from now! Inside Out: The People’s Art Project This fascinating documentary tracks the evolution of the biggest participatory … Continue reading

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